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 I help women reclaim their lives 

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it's so nice to meet you!

I'm Emily. I remember when I first became a mama... there were so many emotions outside of the raging postpartum ones. I was a hot mess. 

frustration, fear and desperation was where I began motherhood.

I knew that I didn't desire to stay in that space, so I figured it out. I began my journey rising from the ashes and reclaiming my life- body, mind and Pinterest. 

I'm here to help you do the same. Begin your journey with a complimentary freedom inventory today! 

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A well-rounded approach is the key to a beautiful metamorphosis 


IT'S YOUR LIFE... Reclaim IT!


If you are looking for a supportive community to learn more about...

... Reclaiming your voice so that you can stop being the doormat  

... the steps to building a successful business so that you can create financial independence

... Getting your physical health back on track so that you can look and feel fantastic

... and SO. MUCH. MORE.

in the Fierce & Independent Women Facebook community. 
It's a safe place where you'll find like minded, women learning how to shine their light and Reclaim their lives. 

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