Hi, I'm Emily and I help women metamorphosize their lives.

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My mission is to help 100,000 women reclaim their lives.
 Mama's only want the best life for their babies. It's hard to begin a new adventure when you're holding on to the luggage from past adventures gone wrong. I'm here to help you navigate the journey of putting down that old luggage and creating the best adventure with your babies.
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Meet Emily

Hey there!

I’m Emily.

I’m a wife, mom, educator, certified health and life coach, sewing enthusiast and Pinterest guru.

My life has undergone a HUGE transformation in 2020… and I’m not talking about C-19.

I’m talking about transforming from frustrated and hopeless to empowered and liberated… funny, given the current events, huh?

I was frustrated because I had a bigger vision for my life. My husband and I talked for hours about the kind of life we dreamed to give our daughter (and her brother) but I couldn’t see how that was ever going to happen. I felt stuck.

I was making a pretty penny teaching elementary school but it wasn’t my passion, I did it to pay the bills because that’s what responsible adults do. Then, I got a text that changed my motivation.

It was from my husband and it was a video of my daughter taking her first steps. I missed them and I was CRUSHED but I used those feelings to propel me forward.

I had my son in February 2020 and I used my leave to change my life for the better. I found a mentor that has helped me to completely change the trajectory of my life.  

All by the grace of God, it’s been like a beautiful metamorphosis.

Now,  I’m on this epic journey of self discovery, building my business, raising my babies and growing old with my hubby (and bestie!)

My mission is to empower women to reclaim their lives— body, mind and self empowerment. To assist them in reclaiming their freedom. To advocate for women’s health across the world.

My path has been paved by heartbreak, absent relationships and a boat load of defeat… but I turned it around. There’s nothing special about me. I just made a choice. You can make that same choice and I’m here to help :)

It's your life...
reclaim it! 
Acting as someone's personal doormat isn't the reason you were put on this earth but it's hard to muster the courage without the right tools in your toolbox. 
Let me take the guesswork out of the equation and equip you with the right tools 
in my survivor's guide to thriving. 

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