How to Reclaim your Life after a Traumatic Childhood
It wasn't so long ago that I was exhausted by the thought that I was stuck carrying around the emotions caused by the shit that happened in my childhood. I was sick of having it come back to haunt me every now and then. I was tired of talking about the abuse. 

So, I buried it.

I was determined to live my life and not let the hurtful actions of someone else dictate my life.

That worked until it didn't and I developed anxiety attacks that kept me locked in my house for the majority of summer 2015.  That summer, I was a puddle of tears on my couch and I found myself scrambling for paper bags to breathe into. 

I knew something needed to change. It sent me on a mission. 

What I've learned... I can't keep to myself...
In 80 pages, you'll learn... to improve the relationships in your life and put a stop to being a doormat to infuse your life with a joy that you've never experienced before to discover your souls deepest passion and live from that place 

If you're ready to break the chains holding you back and learn how to step into your full potential- now is the time! 

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Before you go...

So, since I've began my journey of rising from the ashes, my life has completely changed. 

Those panic attacks I mentioned before, aren't keeping me locked in my house anymore. 

I've reclaimed my power and I'm happy... I know you can be too! I'm cheering for you! 

xo, Emily
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