Become a Pinterest fulent in 6 Modules! 

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I've been there and I bet you have been too.. Scrolling through pinterest, looking at all of the beautiful pins... wondering "HOW in the world do I use THIS with MY website?!?" 

It's THAT question that set me on a mission!!... Understand Pinterest and ALLLL the things to get people from Pinterest TO my website!!

It's taken some trial and error BUT now I've figured it out! I have an audience of 75 000+ people and it's rapidly growing!

I can't keep this knowledge to myself!! I HAVE to share it!!

SO I created this course!

A step by step guide to show you how to set your Pinterest so that you're getting Pinterest users from that platform to your website!
Okay... Where has this been all my life?!?

Here's what You'll Get...

- Lifetime access to the step by step guide for setting up your Pinterest account and getting traffic to your website.

- Module 1: What account do I get?!? Personal or Business?? 
- Module 2: Getting it all set it! 
-Module 3: Setting up your Boards
- Module 4: Let's get creative- Pin creation 101
-Module 5: Where, oh Where are my people?!? 
-Module 6: To promote or not promote... That is the question! 

- Access to a Facebook community to build relationships, ask questions and share successes. 

This leaves only a few questions for you to answer...

Are you ready to BOOST the traffic on your website?? 

Are you Ready to understand one of the FASTEST growing social media platforms and put it to work for you?!? 

If you've answered "YES!" to those questions, hit that lime green button to get started! 

Let's do this thing!!

Here's What People are Saying! 

Elise says:

"I have never used Pinterest. I know nothing about it, but, I saw Emily's results and wanted to see if I can learn. I took Emily's AMAZING course and followed along exactly with what she said to do... after the first hour of promoting my very first business pin, I had over 10 000 IMPRESSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited to be learning about Pinterest from Emily!"

Information courtesy of Emily Cleghorn