How do I raise my babies AND still have an INCOME??

Growing up, I was adamant that I was going to be a working mom. I didn’t go to university to not use the knowledge I had paid such a steep price for… and let’s be realistic.. I’m STILL paying for even 7 years post graduation…

Then real life happened. I went to school to be a teacher. In the first 5 years of my career, I learned some very valuable lessons. I learned that I’m on duty even when I’m not. I learned that even as rewarding as it is to help kids learn that I’m not only working when they’re in school from 8:30- 3:30 Monday to Friday. Nope, I’m working from roughly 7:45am- 7 or 8pm. My teaching career TOOK OVER my life. It was all I did.

We welcomed our daughter into the world on September 3, 2018 and I can remember saying “I wish I was at school right now” while I was in labour.. I didn’t want to miss a thing. My mat leave was hard. I wanted to be at school, not at home. I even went back to work from my Mat leave EARLY.  

Little did I know, my world was about to change… On June 15, 2019, my husband sent me a video of my daughter taking her first steps. 

Tears started streaming down my face immediately. 

That was a huge milestone that I had MISSED.

I remember thinking in that moment “I will NOT miss another huge milestone like that”

I put my nose to the grindstone and found a way to make that happen. I take about my solution in the video above.

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