Reclaiming my Voice After a Traumatic Childhood

Reclaiming my Voice After a Traumatic Childhood

“Children should be seen and Not heard”

Have you ever heard that expression? 


 remember my grandma saying that was the belief of the older generation when she was growing up. 

When she told me this I was in complete disagreement. Even as a teen, I knew that my voice as a young person was valuable. 

As an adult, I have experienced this. Being treated as a child whose opinion isn’t worth anything. 

Truth be told, I’ve felt this way for the majority of my life.

I have struggled hardcore with speaking up for myself, speaking up for the things I believe in because there is almost always someone standing right there, waiting to tell me I’m wrong. 


’m a work in progress but I have learned so much on this journey reclaiming my life after my traumatic childhood.

There are 3 things that have really stuck with me lately… 

1) everyone is entitled to their opinion 

2) my voice matters

3) to be witnessed in my truth, is to be loved… therefore, holding back my opinion is a disservice to myself and everyone else. 

The fact is, is that everyone has a different truth based on their own experience. That’s okay. 

After a childhood and young adulthood of being told that your opinion doesn’t matter, it takes time to come out of your shell and embrace your voice.

This sent me on a mission.. how was I going to do this!? Is there a cheat sheet? 

Well.. there wasn’t! It took me a while to put all the things I learned together but I’ve done and I created a program that walks you step by step through reclaiming your voice (and your life, for that matter) after a traumatic childhood.

It’s called “Rising from the Ashes: 90 day program”. There’s no cost to it but I know that it will help you change your life for the better if that’s what you’re going for! If that sounds good to you, start your journey now

Reigniting the Light in Me: The Damage Caused from NOT using my Voice

Reigniting the Light in Me: The Damage Caused from NOT using my Voice
Using my voice has not been something I have done well in my life. 

I can see now the damage that it has caused. 

The earliest memory that I have is when I was a toddler. 

My dad and I were living at my grandparents house and there has been a thunder and lightening storm that had knocked the power out. It scared me and I remember my dad telling me not to cry about it… I think I was around the age of 3 or 4 at the time. 

I think that was the first time I was told to hold in my emotions. It stuck with me all through my life. 

I have been through thick and thin.. things that would have broke some people but I never let my emotions show. 

Growing up, living primarily with my grandparents I was resentful toward my parents for not wanting me. 

My mom had my brother and sister living with her and my dad chose to live with his girlfriends who often had kids so I wondered what was wrong with me. What had I done wrong that made them not love me or not want me?!?


I remember waiting one day for my mom to show up to take me somewhere and she never came… I was heartbroken that she didn’t show.. what had I done?!? 

Now I know that it didn’t have anything to do with me. As an adult, I can fully recognize that the way my parents showed up in my life had everything to do with them and nothing to do with me. 

I can also see the damage that not using my voice has caused in my life. There have been many times when I have not gotten the outcome I have desired because I was too afraid to speak up for myself. 

Do you ever experience that? Not expressing yourself because you fear what others might say or think about you? If so, I have created a guide to help you learn how to speak up for yourself and forget the fear of conflict.