Is Good Really Good Enough?

Is Good Really Good Enough?

Lately, I’ve noticed a theme in some conversations I’ve had with a few different people. The gist of the conversations were:

Me: “such and such is difficult or taking longer than we thought”
Person: “So, don’t do it”

These conversations got me to thinking about where this idea came from that if something is harder than you thought it would be or takes longer than you first thought it would that you should give up on it.

Meanwhile, quitting is looked down on… am I the only one that doesn’t see how this makes sense?

This idea that we should only do things that don’t challenge us or aren’t too difficult seems to be keeping many people in the “well, that’s good enough” place where they are neither unhappy or enthusiastic about living life rather they simply drone on day in, day out living their “good enough” existence.

This was me for a while… mind you, not very long because there was a fire in my soul for something better… I didn’t know what but I knew that living the same day, everyday wasn’t particularly fulfilling.

Was it comfortable? Sure was!
Was it safe? Heck yeah!
Was I excited to live my life? Nope!

I love this quote from “Girl, wash your face”! It really resonates with me because I believe that each and every person on this Earth was put here for a reason and just existing is okay but by only just existing, we’re completely missing the point of our purpose.  

“A caterpillar is awesome, but if the caterpillar stopped there— if she just decided that good is good enough— we would all miss out on the beautiful creature she would become.” Rachel Hollis

So, my questions for you are, are you tired of living a “good enough” existence? And are you ready discover your purpose?

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