What are Hormone Issues, anyways?!?

It has become apparent to me over the past few years that most women are unaware of the role their hormones play on the function of their body.


I know for myself, I didn’t have a clue until I started to educate myself when my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child. Up to that point, I was ignorant to the whole process.

I knew that once a month I was supposed to have a period and that it was inconvenient and painful.

Yeah. True story.

What I’ve learned since then is that, the process is far more complex and irregular cycles is only one sign of a hormone imbalance.

Some other indicators could be wonky blood sugar, blood clots, headaches, oily skin or acne, anxiety or depression, dark hairs, loss of libido, water retention, weight gain and the list goes on…

So one thing to recognize about hormones is that they are distributed around the body by the endocrine system. If you don’t know what the endocrine system is, you’re not alone.

I have come across many people in the last few years that didn’t know about it. 

I would encourage you to learn about your endocrine system. I have linked a video above that will help you on that journey. I’ll wait a minute so you can watch it… 

Okay, now that we have that covered, when your endocrine system isn’t working properly for any given reason.. there are genetic reasons but most people suffer from environmental reasons… they have a hard time pin pointing that they are actually dealing with hormone issues because the symptoms can appear to be caused from another source.

If this is the path you’re walking right now, I completely understand how frustrated you can be when you know something isn’t right but you’re having a hard time finding the answers.

It’s especially frustrating when your ability to grow your family is directly connected to those answers. That’s why I made a guide about how I got pregnant with low progesterone.. with the hopes that I can take some of the frustration out of it for someone else.

How I Survived PREGNANCY with a TODDLER in the House

How I Survived PREGNANCY with a TODDLER in the House

So, you’re pregnant again, huh?

My husband and I decided to start trying for our second child when our daughter was 10 months old. We were thinking that it would take us just as long to conceive as it did when we were trying the first time… or the second time (one heavenly babe, one earthly babe).

 Well, we were wrong!

Since I had spent so much time learning about my hormones and getting them working the way they were intended to work… we got pregnant the first time we tried.

We were in SHOCK to say the least!

This pregnancy was very different from my first successful pregnancy.

 When I was carrying my daughter, I was SUPER nauseous from about 4 weeks to 13 weeks.. I couldn’t eat anything unless I took an anti-nauseant but I never threw up once. With my son, I was less nauseous but when I was nauseous, it meant I was going to toss my cookies.. ICK!

There was one HUGE difference with my second successful pregnancy. I had tools to help me manage all the early pregnancy feels that I didn’t have with my first successful pregnancy… and I’m not talking about a prescription from my doctor.

 At that time, my daughter was still napping twice a day which I was REALLY thankful for! Napping when she did saved my bacon more than once!

I made sure to drink plenty of my favourite anti-oxidant juice that’s packed full of nutrients which took the pressure off with eating.

Another thing I found super helpful was taking a vitamin B complex. It helped me SOO much in a few areas!

I also had to make sure to manage my stress and anxieties. So I came up with an amazing routine to do to help bring me back to reality when my thoughts of “HOW THE HECK AM I GOING TO BE A MOM TO 2… I CAN’T EVEN RAISE ONE KID…” carried me away. I had many moments feeling a bit like a huge failure and I hadn’t even had the kid yet!

I made the routine I created into a guide for you because I’m not so special to be the only one that feels that way. So here it is
“How to remember you’re not a failure as a woman in 3 minutes.. (or Less!)."


My husband and I knew that we wanted to have at least one child (that was our compromise) but I wasn’t sure if it would even be POSSIBLE. 

You see, after we had been married for about a year, we decided to start trying to conceive. Now, I knew it likely wouldn’t happen right away.. I was thinking 2 or 3 months. 


I found myself on this monthly rollercoaster— one where you try not to get your hopes up but it doesn’t work so you become hypersensitive to your body and every little thing makes you certain that you might be pregnant. You go buy a test (or you buy them in bulk at Costco) and then it’s a big ol’ NOPE! Then you try to stifle back the tears and the disappointment.

A new cycle would begin and I would go through this conversation in my head. “Okay, don’t get your hopes up. You were really upset last month when it didn’t happen. Relax and it might happen”

That system got REALLY old, REALLY fast. And like I’ve said in previous blog posts, my cycle was wonky so I had to do a lot of self- education to help myself understand what was going on.

In my research, I learned some really interesting things that could help in getting pregnant. Check out my video above to find out the THREE major game changers I learned and used to have a successful pregnancy!

OH! and feel free to check out the free guide I created with the tips and tricks I used to help me conceive. It's called the "How I got Pregnant with Low Progesterone" and if you're reading this blog, it just might be the missing piece to the puzzle you've been searching for!