Reigniting the Light in Me: The Damage Caused from NOT using my Voice

Reigniting the Light in Me: The Damage Caused from NOT using my Voice
Using my voice has not been something I have done well in my life. 

I can see now the damage that it has caused. 

The earliest memory that I have is when I was a toddler. 

My dad and I were living at my grandparents house and there has been a thunder and lightening storm that had knocked the power out. It scared me and I remember my dad telling me not to cry about it… I think I was around the age of 3 or 4 at the time. 

I think that was the first time I was told to hold in my emotions. It stuck with me all through my life. 

I have been through thick and thin.. things that would have broke some people but I never let my emotions show. 

Growing up, living primarily with my grandparents I was resentful toward my parents for not wanting me. 

My mom had my brother and sister living with her and my dad chose to live with his girlfriends who often had kids so I wondered what was wrong with me. What had I done wrong that made them not love me or not want me?!?


I remember waiting one day for my mom to show up to take me somewhere and she never came… I was heartbroken that she didn’t show.. what had I done?!? 

Now I know that it didn’t have anything to do with me. As an adult, I can fully recognize that the way my parents showed up in my life had everything to do with them and nothing to do with me. 

I can also see the damage that not using my voice has caused in my life. There have been many times when I have not gotten the outcome I have desired because I was too afraid to speak up for myself. 

Do you ever experience that? Not expressing yourself because you fear what others might say or think about you? If so, I have created a guide to help you learn how to speak up for yourself and forget the fear of conflict.

How to Find Your Way When Life seems Impossible

How to Find Your Way When Life seems Impossible

Have you ever wondered why the things in Your life have happened the way that they have?!? 

I have! I have been searching for YEARS!

Growing up I wondered why I was dealt the hand that I was. Why was I abused? Given the parents and experiences I was given? 

I knew it had to be more than people are just horrible. I don’t actually believe that humankind is horrible. 

It set me out on a search. 

Recently it has all come into perspective thanks to a difficult situation my family has been dealing with. 

See, a couple of weeks ago, I had dropped my kids off with the sitter and pick them up some time later just like a normal day... only it hadn’t been a normal day. 

When my husband was getting my son ready for bed, he discovered that his bottom had been bruised from the small of his back to the top of his legs. It was massive. 

The story the sitter was telling didn’t line up with the bruise I saw on my sons bottom. I quickly reported it. 

We’ve run into a road block with an uncooperative doctor and a sitter refusing to speak with the authorities. So, no criminal charges at this point. However, she’s being investigated by family services. 

The moment I was told she wouldn’t be charged, a fire ignited in my heart. I HAVE to get justice for my son... 

it’s so much bigger than that now though. I’m the voice for all children who so desperately need someone to stand up and say, “enough is enough!”  

I’m on a mission to raise awareness and be the voice for the millions of children that are abuse victims and survivors through a foundation I am in the process of creating.

 If you or someone you know are or have been affected by child abuse, know that I’m right there with you.

I have created a free group on Facebook where I teach you when I have done myself— that is, find a strength that’s hidden deep down inside you and a love for yourself that you might not even know is there.

2 LIES you’re being told about Conceiving

2 LIES you’re being told about Conceiving

Going into it, I didn’t realize getting pregnant would be so HARD

I thought it would happen quickly.

 I thought it would be a simple task. 

I mean really… baby dance, wait a bit and BAM! Pregnant! 


My experience was more like..

Get a referral to the specialist, be told it’s all in my head, go for testing, baby dance, be told it’s all in my head, go for more tests, take pills, baby dance, miscarry, be told I’m fine and keep taking the pills, get fuming angry and refuse to go back to that doctor.

LIE #1: Low Progesterone is Normal

I have been told that my progesterone being super low (when it’s supposed to be high) is normal… clearly that’s not normal. 

Yes, your hormones naturally ebb and flow depending on the phase of your cycle that you are in but there are times when progesterone should be higher…

 It’s the hormone that helps with placenta growth in pregnancy. 

So in the game of getting pregnant, it’s super important.  

LIE #2: You’re too heavy to get pregnant

This isn’t one that I’ve encountered personally. But I’ve heard many women say that their doctor told them to loose weight.

Now, in my opinion this is just rude. Plus sized women have been having babies since the beginning of time!

 Carrying extra weight can often be an indication of an imbalance in the body BUT it is not something that will prevent one from getting pregnant.

The ACTUAL issue causing problems for women trying to conceive is HORMONE imbalance.

These are.. or should be naturally occurring in our bodies. However, our lifestyle can impact how our body produces them. The food we eat has an impact as well.

Hormones are the issue that needs to be addressed. There are a number of ways to regulate hormones naturally. I give a few tips and tricks that you can check out in my guide “How I got pregnant with Low Progesterone”

How to Find your True Happiness

This has been a question I have been searching for the answer to for so many years. I was “okay” with how my life was going but I wasn’t excited about it.

I like being a teacher but it didn’t start a fire in me. It was a job.

I spent 5.5 years in University and I enjoyed my time there but it didn’t start a fire in me. I did it because I was told growing up that I NEEDED to go to university to have a good job and make a decent living.

I would tend to agree with that… back then… however, those beliefs have changed. While a job and a decent income are needed, I believe that we are all created for a particular purpose and it’s a huge disservice to yourself to live your life just going through the motions.

 I think if going to university for years to get a degree is something you’re passionate about then by all means! But if it isn’t what ignites your passion, I would say there is another path for you.

(The examples I give are just that, this can be applied to anything in life.) 

You might be thinking, “But Emily, it’s a lot easier said than done… I don’t even know where to start!”

 Hang on! Friend, I’ve got your back! In the video above, I give you 3 fantastic starting points. Scroll up and watch it now. Then come back and finish reading. I’ll wait.

Okay, so now that you have my three starting points, you might need some think time OR you might be ready to get started. Where ever you’re at, know that I’ve got you covered! I have a variety of freebies on my website and I also have a mindset refresh program that will help you with all 3 of those starting points.

 If you’re finding yourself, a bit stressed on your walk through life, my free guide
“How to Remember You’re not a failure as a woman in 3 minutes.. (or less!)” Might be right for you. Feel free to check it out!

How I had a Successful Pregnancy Naturally AFTER miscarriage

How I had a Successful Pregnancy Naturally  AFTER miscarriage

Well, this is a doozy of a topic. It’s emotionally charged and rightly so! 

Getting pregnant doesn’t come as easy for some as it does for others. I learned this lesson first hand 2.5 years ago when all I really desired was to get pregnant but it just wasn’t happening. 

There are many reasons for this struggle to conceive. However one of the bigger reasons is hormone imbalances within the body. There are many ways to solve these issues. Traditional Western medicine, in my experience, often deems these hormone variances as “normal” and offers a variety of medications prescribed to treat hormone issues. 

Vitex (chasteberry) is similar to many prescribed medications that you’ll find OBGYN’s giving out to help women get pregnant. One of the key differences between the prescription medications and Vitex is that Vitex is found in nature and doesn’t force your body to do anything. 

For women who have problems with hormone regulation which causes other issues in their mensural cycle (anovulatory cycles, etc.), OBGYN’s tend to prescribe medications that force the body to ovulate but they don’t solve the bigger hormone issue.

This was my experience. I was prescribed a medication that forced my body to ovulate but then didn’t offer my body the support it required to sustain a pregnancy.

 When you take a more holistic approach, a supplement like vitex works with the body to address the bigger hormone issues and because of this, everything else falls in line as well.

Please keep in mind that, for me, Vitex was not the only piece of the puzzle for me to solve my hormone issues and be able to have a successful pregnancy. 

If you’re interested in learning about everything I did, check out the guide I created called How I got Pregnant with Low Progesterone to put all the pieces together. 

I hope you find this helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! I'm here to help :) 

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