How to Find your True Happiness

This has been a question I have been searching for the answer to for so many years. I was “okay” with how my life was going but I wasn’t excited about it.

I like being a teacher but it didn’t start a fire in me. It was a job.

I spent 5.5 years in University and I enjoyed my time there but it didn’t start a fire in me. I did it because I was told growing up that I NEEDED to go to university to have a good job and make a decent living.

I would tend to agree with that… back then… however, those beliefs have changed. While a job and a decent income are needed, I believe that we are all created for a particular purpose and it’s a huge disservice to yourself to live your life just going through the motions.

 I think if going to university for years to get a degree is something you’re passionate about then by all means! But if it isn’t what ignites your passion, I would say there is another path for you.

(The examples I give are just that, this can be applied to anything in life.) 

You might be thinking, “But Emily, it’s a lot easier said than done… I don’t even know where to start!”

 Hang on! Friend, I’ve got your back! In the video above, I give you 3 fantastic starting points. Scroll up and watch it now. Then come back and finish reading. I’ll wait.

Okay, so now that you have my three starting points, you might need some think time OR you might be ready to get started. Where ever you’re at, know that I’ve got you covered! I have a variety of freebies on my website and I also have a mindset refresh program that will help you with all 3 of those starting points.

 If you’re finding yourself, a bit stressed on your walk through life, my free guide
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Why Mindset Matters

Why Mindset Matters

For so long, I struggled with my mindset. To be completely honest, I had let my “Mean Girl” (that little negative voice that resides in your head) run my life. 

I believed I wasn’t worth it. 

I believed I was unloveable. 

I believed I wasn’t good at anything. 

Holy heavens.. the LIES she filled my head with!! 

I was really struggling because of those beliefs, I felt like garbage about myself and some of those things were BECOMING TRUE..
 I had the belief that I was unloveable which stemmed from the trauma I endured as a child but because I had the belief, I didn’t love myself. Loving yourself is incredibly important for your ability to give and accept love from others.
When I started working on changing that belief, my life and love came a whole lots easier. When I began to love myself, love found me. 

The truth is, if you believe these negative things that your Mean Girl tells you then that’s exactly your reality. 

When you get your Mean Girl in check and start to work on breaking down those negative beliefs about your self and learn how to see the positive side of yourself then life starts to pick up.
 I don’t know what kinds of trauma you’ve faced in your life but I know that you have a “Mean Girl” filling your head with nasty, negative little lies about yourself. If you’re tired of listening to her, I’ve created an exclusive community where we talk all things mind, body and business. If that sounds good to you, you're welcome to come
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 I’m so excited to see you THRIVE!