Sounds backwards right? A miscarriage is this terrible thing… how on earth can it be a blessing?!?

Hear me out.

I didn’t think it was a blessing at first. 

At first, I thought I was never going to come back from it. That this awful thing was going to always be there, nagging at me. How could I be happy after something like this?!? 

It’s taken me a couple of years and A LOT of work to come to this conclusion. 

From where I sit, life if FULL of situations that we aren’t in control of but you can choose how to use them. 

You can choose to let a situation be a negative part of your life OR you can find a way to turn it into a positive. 

I chose to turn this really terrible moment in time into a positive in my life. 

I used it to learn more about myself and my body. I started doing more research and comparing how my body was working and how it was supposed to be working.

I started LISTENING more. So often, we get busy doing life and we forget to stop and listen. I was so guilty of this! 

My body was telling me things all along but I wasn’t listening. That had to change! 

I used it to make some changes that I had been thinking about making but up to that point, wasn’t brave enough to actually make them.

It catapulted me into the world of holistic wellness. And man, did THAT really change things.. not only my fertility but SO. MUCH. MORE. 

It also taught me a few other things that I talk about in the video at the top.

That season of my life taught me SO MUCH and it really opened my eyes to how making a baby really isn’t always so simple. If you’re longing to grow your family but it’s just not happening for you, check out this free guide I just created detailing the things that helped me.  


My husband and I knew that we wanted to have at least one child (that was our compromise) but I wasn’t sure if it would even be POSSIBLE. 

You see, after we had been married for about a year, we decided to start trying to conceive. Now, I knew it likely wouldn’t happen right away.. I was thinking 2 or 3 months. 


I found myself on this monthly rollercoaster— one where you try not to get your hopes up but it doesn’t work so you become hypersensitive to your body and every little thing makes you certain that you might be pregnant. You go buy a test (or you buy them in bulk at Costco) and then it’s a big ol’ NOPE! Then you try to stifle back the tears and the disappointment.

A new cycle would begin and I would go through this conversation in my head. “Okay, don’t get your hopes up. You were really upset last month when it didn’t happen. Relax and it might happen”

That system got REALLY old, REALLY fast. And like I’ve said in previous blog posts, my cycle was wonky so I had to do a lot of self- education to help myself understand what was going on.

In my research, I learned some really interesting things that could help in getting pregnant. Check out my video above to find out the THREE major game changers I learned and used to have a successful pregnancy!

OH! and feel free to check out the free guide I created with the tips and tricks I used to help me conceive. It's called the "How I got Pregnant with Low Progesterone" and if you're reading this blog, it just might be the missing piece to the puzzle you've been searching for!

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