3 Ways Drugstore Makeup CHANGED MY LIFE

1. It caused me to break out. 

     In my experience, I had a very hard time finding foundation or anything else that didn’t feel super heavy on my face. I tried a variety of brands, all of which that promised a light weight formula but none followed through. I believe it was because of this heaviness that the products left on my skin that I was super prone to breaking out when ever I decided to put some on.. which I’ll admit wasn’t very often (because I despised how it felt on my skin!) 

 2. It forced me to embrace my inner beauty

     Drugstore makeup forced me to embrace my face as it was created. I didn’t like to wear it because of the reason mentioned above. So I had to get use to and eventually start to love how my face was created, blemishes and all!

3. It opened my eyes.

This is a doozy. In my mid-twenties, when I was trying to conceive my first child, one of my friends started talking to me about all the crap that is found in a lot of products on store shelves. What she was saying only added fuel to the fire of curiosity burning inside of me. I started searching like a mad woman for ingredient lists to my favourite products.. sure enough, my friend was right. This broke my heart! Not to mention it also made me throw every bit of makeup I had in the garbage! I really wasn’t going to put that on my face NOW!

I am soo thankful that I have found a line of CLEAN makeup that is professional quality, light on my skin and doesn’t have any toxic crap in it!

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