The Journey of becoming my BEST self

This is a journey I have been stumbling along for some time. Approximately 3 years, to be exact. 

However, when I first started down the path, I didn’t know where to look for what I wanted. I knew that I wanted more. I knew that I wanted to be the woman that was truly happy.

I wanted to be the person that when someone asks “How are you?” I could answer “good” or “great” and REALLY mean it. Not just say it because that’s what you say to be pleasant.

I wanted to be the woman that felt confident enough to stand up for the beliefs and values that I hold close to my heart… and not the kind of stand up where you kinda almost get heard but really get loud when things aren’t right.

I wanted to be the kind of woman that doesn’t give value to what others think of her but finds her value from within. 

Then when it came to being a mom… well, that added a whole other level to this person I envisioned in my head. 

I wanted to be a true example of love and wisdom for my babies. 

I also wanted to be physically fit enough to be able to keep up with them as they run and play. I wanted them to not have to worry about taking care of mommy or limiting the experiences they can have because mommy isn’t healthy enough or fit enough to keep up with them.

 I can successfully say that I have, for the most part, become the woman I envisioned in my head 3 years ago. In the video above, I talk about the 3 major things I have done to become that woman. While I am still a work in progress I am proud of how far I have walked. (I talk about all the things I have conquered in other blogs and videos!)

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How do YOU Self-Care? The Emotional Side of being a Mom

How do YOU Self-Care? The Emotional Side of being a Mom
Growing up, my mom wasn’t really around. This lead to some very complicated feelings all throughout my life. You know… the “why doesn’t my mom want ME?” type feelings. I thought I had worked through all of that. 

Honestly. I really did. 

I believed it with my whole heart. 

Then I had my daughter. 

Wow! Weren’t those some strong feelings! 

I was worried that because my mom left me when I was little that I was going to do the same thing to my baby. I was terrified of hurting not only my husband but also scarring my baby girl for life. Man, was I scared that I was going to mess up big time. I was scared to tell anyone too. What a mess!

It took me about a month to work through those emotions. But it was a good process. 

I used positive self-talk and I did a session with the therapist, who helped me talk out what I was feeling and gave me some outside perspective. 

You see, if I’ve learned anything throughout my life, it’s that I’m strong and resilient. 

I am not defined by the circumstances I grew up in. 

Just because my mom wasn’t there when I was growing up doesn’t mean that I’m going to do the same thing. 

I’m not HER. I am ME.

Once I realized this, I was able to embrace my new role and begin to enjoy spending time with my daughter. 

I don’t know what brings you here today but if you’re going through some big stuff right now. If you’ve gone through big stuff for a long time… know that you are not defined by the challenges you face. It doesn’t matter what the challenge is. The important thing is that you take care of YOU so that you are able to care for your family.

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If you have a challenge that you're not sure how to overcome, I've created a guide that I use to help myself get through challenges that I'm sharing with you here. I encourage you, take the first step in liberating your heart TODAY!