HELP! A Cyclone hit my house!
“Woah! What happened here?!?” 

The thought rolling through your mind as you take a look around and notice the state your house is actually in. 

How could you have completely missed this for the last little while?!? It’s a mystery but you’re seeing it now and it’s embarrassing!  

It wasn’t always like this. Once, not that long ago, you were able to keep up with the chores and it was no big deal. 

Now, now it’s different. You’re tired. Actually the word exhausted is a better description. You’re awake when you use to be sleeping and sleeping when you use to be awake. Days blend into each other until one day, you woke up and looked around your house and it looks like someone else’s house. A little messy to say the least. 


You’re sweet little babe arrived. In all of their sweetness, they demand every bit of energy and time you have. 

So, you find yourself a little behind on the dishes, the laundry and the other cleaning… and you aren’t okay with it. 

I get it! It’s hard to keep up with everything. It’s overwhelming! BUT it’s okay! 

life will find a new normal and everything will get done. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be a little stressful getting there. I know I’ve found that process stressful.

There are a number of things I do to manage my stress. I’ve found some tricks thats really help make life with littles easier (I’ll share those later this week!) But when it really comes down to it, taking time to focus my thoughts helps most in the heat of the moment. 

If you’d like access to the routine I follow to help centre my thoughts, follow this link and enjoy :)  

We’re in this together, mama! Let’s help each other out!  

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