Are you believing the LIES?!?

I grew up believing that life happened TO me. I was simply a victim lost in the shuffle of events that I couldn’t control.

Abused as a child, absent parents, bullied, no real friends… the list goes on.

I believed that I was unwanted, unloveable and unworthy of being happy. I believed that I was a waste of space and air.

I know now that those beliefs are untrue and have been holding me back for such a long time.

I’ve learned that what I believed about myself, the things I was speaking over myself, the things that other people spoke over me to the point that I began to adopt them as my own beliefs were creating my reality.

So my belief of being unworthy of happiness was creating that in my day to day life. Those events just fuelled more negative self talk which kept the cycle going.

Believing in yourself is a million times more important than anyone else believing in you and there’s actually science to prove it.

Yeah, turns out that when you believe in yourself, you are kicking into gear many different psychological processes that help you to achieve your goals, manifest your dream and increase your well-being.

And it’s not as cut and dry as many think. There are actually 5 different components of believing in yourself. They are: Self Worth, Self Confidence, Self Trust, Autonomy, Environmental Mastery.

Stay tuned because we’ll dive into these more later but for now, let’s sit with the idea of simply believing in yourself.

What are the things that you believe about yourself that maybe you don’t even give conscious thoughts to anymore that are creating your reality? These things that people have spoken over you in years gone by that you somewhere along the line adopted them as your own beliefs?

Do you believe that you are worthy of happiness and love? Or do you believe that you are unworthy of those things?

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