Trauma is a LIAR!

Your trauma taught you to make myself small so that you wouldn’t inconvenience anyone. 

It told you that your needs didn’t matter. 

It told you that your feelings didn’t matter. 

It told you that your aspirations didn’t matter. 

It told you that someone else has it worse so you shouldn’t complain. 

It told you that sharing your experience was complaining or whining and no one wants to hear that. 

It told you that you don’t matter. 

So, get small... get invisible. 

That’s just what you did. For wayyy to long. You got small. You suffered in silence. You made myself invisible. 

Until you became a mama and all of those repressed emotions came rushing forth. 

Now, it’s time to step into mama hood with fierceness and confidence. It’s time to stop making yourself small. 

Are you ready?

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