2 Ways to Tell if your Trauma is Holding you Back

“Anything you resist will persist.”

Have you ever heard that expression?

I remember the first time I heard it. I remember thinking, “whatever. That’s crap.” And I didn’t give it much thought until recently.

What does it even mean… “anything you resist will persist”?

Well, to me, it means that any of those things that you refuse to deal with or talk about will keep coming up.

I completely understand that most people like us… women with a background of physical, emotional and mental hurt aren’t the first to open up about the things that have hurt us most. We’d much rather just forget that stuff ever happened.

I have to admit though, when I started talking and processing all the physical, emotional and mental hurt that I have holding on to (that was no longer serving me) I started to feel better and the dark cloud that was hovering over me lifted along with the negative emotions that kept me lonely.

I have found that there are 2 ways to really tell if your trauma is holding you back.

1) Your ability to believe in yourself.

If you are still clinging to your trauma, chances are that you’ll have the compulsion to seek approval from others. If you’re like me, your self worth and self confidence are almost non-existent.

However, if that part of your life is really behind you, you are confident in your ability, you know who you are and you own it completely. The opinions of other people aren’t necessary.

2) Your Personal Power.

When we were in the midst of our trauma, we gave our personal power away to the person or people causing our misery. We did this without even realizing it. They stole it like a thief in the night. Now, you have the ability to take it back. Reclaiming your personal power is hidden in your belief about if life happens to you and you are simply a victim or life happens for you and you have the ability to create the life you truly desire.

** DISCLAIMER** I am NOT saying that your trauma happened for you as if it were a gift, because that is not true. What I am saying is that you have the ability now to reclaim your personal power and choose how you move forward. You have the power to choose how you use your experiences to move you forward.

You may find that you’re hanging out in the life happens to me and I don’t know what there is to believe in for me. That’s okay. I see you. I was once you.

I am here to tell you that it will be okay and you can turn it around… if you choose to. You can be fierce and confident. You can change the game for your family.

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