The Rollercoaster STOPPING your Weight loss
Have you been trying to drop those excess pounds and struggling to move the needle? 

It’s so frustrating! I have some good news for you though! 

The reason you’re struggling to ditch those pounds could be that you’re riding a roller coaster that’s preventing you from doing so. 

This roller coaster is one that even I didn’t know about until I did a nutrition course module. 

I’m betting that even you don’t know about it but chances are that you are riding it with the majority of the population on a daily basis. 

I’m also betting that right about now you’re thinking “get me off the darn roller coaster”

It’s the blood sugar roller coaster. 

You know, how you wake up in the morning and zombie to the coffee maker to make your jolt of energy for the morning.
Then you make your breakfast and hustle off to work. This is a blood sugar high.

Then about 2 hours later, you find yourself at the coffee pot again to help yourself make it to lunch. This is a blood sugar low. 

By noon, you’re looking for another surge of energy. Then those mid-afternoon sleepy’s set in and hopefully you’re not in a meeting or conference call because your yawns are massive! 

This process is repeated about every 2 hours until you go to bed. 

You do this everyday, day in, day out… until you don’t anymore. 

Until you decide to make a change. 

Until you decide to stop burning sugar and start burning fat. 

If you don’t know how to make that transition, don’t sweat it! 

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