Why it’s Time to Break the Chains of Generational Childhood Trauma

Generational Childhood Trauma…

It sounds big and bad because it is.

Our society has done a really good job at not talking about it. We just ignore it in the hopes that it goes away.

Which it doesn’t because what you ignore, just continues.

But it’s time to stop ignoring it. It’s time to say enough is enough.

I am on a mission to end generational childhood trauma. Not just in my own family but for millions of families around the world.  I am here to educate and empower because when we know better, we can do better.

Let’s first get really clear on what generational childhood trauma is so that we’re all on the same page.

One way that generational childhood trauma happens is when generation after generation hands their unprocessed trauma down to each new generation through parenting methods, limiting beliefs, behaviours and other interactions. This is done either intentionally or unintentionally.

Kids are smarter than adults often give them credit for. They are very much like little sponges. They are constantly observing how the adults in their lives interact with each other, how they treat themselves, how they speak, etc. and they mirror that behaviour.

Another way that generational childhood trauma happens is through our DNA. Have you ever heard the expression, “your biography creates your biology”?

Unprocessed trauma is stored in your body systems and is manifested in physical health issues when you don’t allow those emotions to be expressed as emotion.

So, what now?

We heal.

When we do the work to empower ourselves, we’re also do the work to empower others. When we say enough is enough, we are breaking the curse of trauma on our families.

Hurt people don’t have to hurt people. They can make a new choice.

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