The most amazing transformation!

Let’s talk for a minute about that postpartum body.

It did this amazing thing in creating a tiny human and pushing it into the world and then knew how to heal all while nourishing that tiny human (if you choose to nurse)…

But you, the resident of that body are left to learn how to love that new body again… or at the very least learn how to live with it.

Things are puffy, fluffy or sagging that weren’t before. None of your clothes fit and when you look in the mirror, you don’t really recognize that body.

You think to yourself, “It’s okay, the weight will come off… it did last time.”

You are mindful of what you eat. You find an exercise program that you love…and nothing happens.

Life is busy. The kids need this and that. The house needs to be cleaned. You’re tired.

Saying “yes” to yourself seems selfish so you put it off. You sacrifice yourself for your family but you’re quietly miserable.

You watch a fellow mom friend take charge of her health all while caring for her babies and rocking her business and think “I wish I could do that” but instead of asking what she’s doing, you cheer her on.  

Then, one day, you get up the courage to ask what she’s doing.

She tells you and that sparkle that left your eye, returns. 

You give it a try and are surprised by what happens before your eyes.



the weight is dropping off of you. You have more energy. You can run and play with your kids.

That mirror you once avoided, you find yourself enjoying.

You begin to fall in love with your body. Not because it’s shrinking but because it supports you and feels better when you give it the things it’s been asking for all along.

Sounds amazing, huh?

This has been my journey over the past 4 months (April 2021- July 2021) and now I’m excited to help other mama’s learn how to love their body for the first time in their lives.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you reclaim your health, fill out this quick wellness goals questionnaire and we’ll have a conversation!

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