I spent years of my life searching for that one way that I was going to be able to leave the crap that happened in my childhood behind me. I was so sure that there had to be some sort of secret sauce… there had to be someone out there in the world somewhere that could rescue me.

Do you know what I’ve learned after years of not finding what I was sure existed?

I’ve found that it did exist, just not in the way I thought it did. The person who was going to rescue me from my past was me. For me, this included getting myself out of the abuse environment. (You can read more about that story in my book, 
Rising from the Ashes: How to Reclaim your Life after a Traumatic Childhood)

But really, getting out of the abusive environment is only the first step on a very long road of recovery.

Being your own hero is one that requires strength. Strength that you already have. Every person on this Earth has it already inside of themselves. We just don’t always recognize it.

There is one key step that I’d like to dive into a little bit here though. This is a step that is super important in getting unstuck and actually moving forward on your post-trauma life.

🔥🔥 Reclaim your Personal Power- The personal power we hold within ourselves is our most significant resource and it’s the thing we tend to just give away like it’s a free ice cream or something. We give it away to anyone who demands they know more about us than we do. Every time we don’t speak up for ourselves, every time we allow someone else to make a decision for us, every time we do something because someone else told us too… we are giving our personal power away.

Check out the video at the top of this article to learn the 4 steps in reclaiming your personal power. Then, come join us in the 
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