2 LIES you’re being told about Conceiving

Going into it, I didn’t realize getting pregnant would be so HARD

I thought it would happen quickly.

 I thought it would be a simple task. 

I mean really… baby dance, wait a bit and BAM! Pregnant! 


My experience was more like..

Get a referral to the specialist, be told it’s all in my head, go for testing, baby dance, be told it’s all in my head, go for more tests, take pills, baby dance, miscarry, be told I’m fine and keep taking the pills, get fuming angry and refuse to go back to that doctor.

LIE #1: Low Progesterone is Normal

I have been told that my progesterone being super low (when it’s supposed to be high) is normal… clearly that’s not normal. 

Yes, your hormones naturally ebb and flow depending on the phase of your cycle that you are in but there are times when progesterone should be higher…

 It’s the hormone that helps with placenta growth in pregnancy. 

So in the game of getting pregnant, it’s super important.  

LIE #2: You’re too heavy to get pregnant

This isn’t one that I’ve encountered personally. But I’ve heard many women say that their doctor told them to loose weight.

Now, in my opinion this is just rude. Plus sized women have been having babies since the beginning of time!

 Carrying extra weight can often be an indication of an imbalance in the body BUT it is not something that will prevent one from getting pregnant.

The ACTUAL issue causing problems for women trying to conceive is HORMONE imbalance.

These are.. or should be naturally occurring in our bodies. However, our lifestyle can impact how our body produces them. The food we eat has an impact as well.

Hormones are the issue that needs to be addressed. There are a number of ways to regulate hormones naturally. I give a few tips and tricks that you can check out in my guide “How I got pregnant with Low Progesterone”

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