Being a Happily Balanced Mama
**DISCLAIMER** Let me just be clear… I’m NOT talking about life in general. I’d be lying through my teeth if I said that after only 3 short months of having 2 under 2 that my life is happily balanced… it’s NOT and I don’t think it EVER will be. It’s something I’m striving for but it’s a work in progress.

Today I’m talking about being happily balanced in the sense of those lovely lady hormones… you know, the ones that have the ability to take you on a wild ride EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.?!?

Yeah. Do you know about those?

Hear me out for a second… as women, our bodies naturally produce a certain amount of a given hormone depending on the phase of the cycle we are in. All hormones have a job and they ALL aren’t needed all of the time BUT thankfully your body has you covered… or it should…

You see, there are 4 phases within the monthly lady cycle and your lady hormones (SHOULD) naturally rise and fall to assist the processes to happen as they are intended. However, sometimes they don’t do what they’re intended to do.

I think I’ve said this before, but let me repeat myself for a second. For a long time, I didn’t understand how my body was supposed to function. I knew that I had hormones but I didn’t know their jobs. I knew I needed estrogen and progesterone but I didn’t understand their importance.

Here’s my understanding of it all and I’m not doctor so this is from the perspective of an elementary school teacher who isn’t science minded at all… estrogen is the hormone that keeps us sane and rational beings. Progesterone also has some effect on mood but it’s necessary to establish pregnancy and to regulate Aunt Flow’s visits. We also have a small amount of testosterone and I believe this is to keep us grounded but I’m not sure.
So why on earth is all of this important?

Well, when these hormones aren’t doing their jobs and your body is a tad bit wonky, your cycle isn’t going through the processes that it needs to to establish regular visits from Aunt Flow or establish pregnancy. Your visit from Aunt Flow is likely less than regular and probably one of misery… I used to refer to that week as dooms week because I dreaded it… I knew that I’d ended up curled up in a ball from the cramps.


Aunt Flow’s visit isn’t supposed to be painful!! If it is, that’s your body telling you something isn’t right!

For much of my life, I have had issues with my cycle. During my teen years, I would have short, heavy and very miserable visits from Aunt Flow and it would happen about every 10 days.. something was WAY not right. So my doctor at the time put me on “THE PILL”. Come to find out years later that my progesterone levels weren’t right.

So… I found a way to NATURALLY support my body and my lady cycle. Just the simple act of doing that ABSOLUTELY CHANGED MY LIFE!! I don’t dread AF’s visit anymore... I mean, it’s not my favourite but it’s not painful anymore and I can know when to expect her to show up… which I count a success!

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