Challenges... they’re everywhere
My life lately has taken a turn. If you’ve ever had to deal with the aftermath of Mother Nature flexing her muscles, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

You see, we use to live in a house with a beautiful view of the Peace River. One of Alberta’s largest rivers. One of my favourite times of year to watch the river is spring ice breakup. Usually, it’s a gradual process and it’s the biggest signs of Spring. However, over the 3 years, twice ice breakup has happened too quickly which means ice jams and flooding. The first time, we were lucky and our house didn’t flood. 

This year, we weren’t so lucky. 

We ended up with 6 feet of water in our basement. Not so bad, if you don’t live in your whole house… but we did. Half of our life was down in the basement. The day I went into my house for the first time since the flooding had happened, I was in shock at the mess it had left behind. 

I guess in my mind, I had pictured a gentle trickle of water slowly entering my home. But when I saw my washing machine balancing between the wall and the dryer and then turned to see my office space upturned and thrown around like it was nothing, I knew that it was not gentle at all. I was in shock. 

I’ve been working really hard physically to clean up the mess but also emotionally to help myself make sense of what’s happened. 

I have been in this emotional space before. The one where you’re trying to make sense of things that have happened. Trying to find a way to be okay with it. 

Here’s what I’ve come to realize... 

It doesn’t matter what the challenge is. If it’s your house flooding, someone abusing your trust, someone abusing you or anything in between... you will be okay. You are STRONG. You are RESILIENT. That challenge is meant to serve a purpose and it doesn’t have to be negative. You have the power to turn it into a positive. 

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